BIM/COBie Overview

What is BIM and why?

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is a managed approach to the collection and use of information across a project. At its heart is a computer-generated model containing all graphical and tabular information about the design, construction and operation of the asset?

BIM has the Potential to improve efficiencies throughout the life-cycle of a building so reducing costs; it could quickly become an important new tool for Facility Management.

What is COBie and how does it relate to BIM?

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)

COBie is an information exchange format for the life-cycle capture and delivery of information needed by facility managers. COBie can be viewed in design, construction, and maintenance software as well as in simple spread sheets. This versatility allows COBie to be used on all projects regardless of size and technological sophistication. So COBie is information storage behind BIM in ifc or spread sheet format.

What is an ifc file?

Industry Foundation Class (ifc)

But think of it as “Information for Construction” as this is what it is, a file that can be imported into many different types of software to share project information from where a wall is positioned to what it is made of and for all other information pertaining to all other structural elements and services.

What is the Governments expectation around BIM?

The government has a long term plan to incorporate BIM into the construction industry over the next few years, any contractor working on government projects will have to conform to this plan see information menu on the left hand side of this page “Government-Construction-Strategy”

Do I need any Software to be BIM compliant?

At present the only requirement is a program that can read spread sheets, unless you are designing then BIM compliant software is required to be able to export the information to an ifc file or spread sheet format.